Thursday, September 8, 2005

First Day of School II

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It's been a very hectic week in my personal life. This week school started - my daughter in first grade, my youngest son in preschool, and my oldest son in kindergarten. He's in the picture on the right outside his new classroom - the same room his sister had last year.

It was a nightmare balancing the equations such that they're all taken care of from 8 until 5 every day. School only runs until 2:35 (first grade) and 11:20 (kindergarten) so I had to find an after-school program right next to the school - and the school-provided one isn't available for kindergarteners. And of course the after school programs won't take preschoolers.

Filling out all the paperwork was a Dostoyevskian effort. For each child there was form upon form, all asking the same information over and over again. Whatever happened to the paperless office? Reducing red-tape? There's definitely an opportunity here!

(First Day Of School I)

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