Thursday, September 29, 2005

Java Posse Episode #1, I mean #2

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A new
of the Java Posse podcast is available. Episode #1 was an interview recorded a while back by Dick, so this episode is actually our first joint recording. It was a fun start.

Let me apologize in advance for using the phrase "you know" way too much. It's, you know, totally subconscious. Next time I'll try to slow down and reduce the you-knows. And Carl is getting a new microphone :-)

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  1. Keep up the Java Posse podcasts, they're quite enjoyable. One nitpick though, I hear a ton of talk about Eclipse, and very little talk about NetBeans. I know it's a bit difficult to talk about a product which is made/sponsored by the company you work for, but hopefully you folks can cover NB 5 when the final release happens.