Monday, April 25, 2005


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You've probably heard a lot about "AJAX" already. But if you haven't,
it's a new term describing technology which has been around for a while,
but has recently gotten a lot more popular because of some really well
done AJAX applications from Google:

AJAX is really a combination of technologies. The most important piece
is JavaScript code in the page making asynchronous requests to a server.
When the server responds it calls back into JavaScript, and this JavaScript
can then manipulate the content of the page directly.

Sun is working on this too; J2EE is an excellent platform for AJAX
applications. See
Greg Murray's Blog
for more on the blueprints project on; AJAX blueprints are
available already with working sample web applications.
And perhaps more importantly, it includes

detailed documents
explaining how it all
works so you can take the blueprints and extend them for your own needs.

I find this technology really fascinating so I plan to blog more about it.


  1. Hi Tor and Colm,
    Just a quick note to announce that we have developed JSF components with AJAX functionality built-in. As an example, Otrix WebTree is able to fetch tree nodes 'On Demand' and dynamically append children nodes on the client-side. Another example is WebGrid which can page through records 'On Demand'. More to come in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Take a look to You will find a beautiful and simple integration solution about JSF and AJAX.

  3. Does it integrate with Creator?

  4. Recently we have no plan to integrate with Creator. But AjaxFaces solution is several UI componnet (one html, two core components), plus a servlet, so it should be very easy to integrate with creator, I think.

  5. hi Tor.We have developed many JSF components(more than forty,but only run under IE 5.5 or above) and developed many products with JSF.I am very interest in Java Studio Creater.Now,I have registered to test creater 2.
    btw,Can you give me an account of Google Mail?
    Best regard.