Monday, April 4, 2005

Readers' Choice Award

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It's awards season again - and Java Developer's Journal is conducting a product survey.
Creator is nominated in the "Most Innovative Tool" category.

Of course, voluntary participation surveys like these are NOT scientific.
But since placing well in these kinds of contests helps marketing (or, if you
don't do well, helps the competition), everybody seems to try to encourage their
users to participate anyway.
I see that at least one
of the other nominees in the same
category is displaying a link to vote
prominently on their site,
so I don't feel too bad encouraging you to do the same.
(In a quick spot check I also see links to the poll on both
IntelliJ's site and
WebSphere's site.

If you feel Creator has innovated in the java tools category and is making
your job easier, please
consider going to

and casting a vote for Creator.

And while you're there, consider many of the other

Sun technologies that are
nominated as well.

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