Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Chat Review

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Thanks for tuning in to the chat this morning.
There were lots of questions so I typed as quickly as I could for the whole hour. Well I shouldn't
say the whole hour - I spent some time trying to log back in. Apologies to those of you who also got
kicked out and had to log back in.

The transcript will be posted in a few weeks and I'll post a link to it when that happens.

Quite a few of the questions were future oriented -- "when will you support feature X", "are you working
on Y", etc. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to answer questions like that - as a policy we don't
discuss products that are not yet shipping - both for legal reasons (if we plan to do something and
make a public "promise" and then the plan changes we get in trouble) and for obvious marketing reasons - you don't get a lot of press on product launch if your announcement is mostly old news...

I did promise to post a blog on how to do a generic menu in a Creator application, as a follow-up to my
tabs blog. I'll do that this weekend.

Interacting with customers is a real kick for me. I hope many of you can come to JavaOne this year. If you do,
stop by our booth and introduce yourself!

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