Saturday, April 23, 2005

Updatable Data Table

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I was asked to show how a Data Table bound to
local data (as described here) can be updated.
Rather than try to describe it in further detail I just created
a simple Creator project. If you have problems in this area,
load the project and take a look.

Briefly, the project contains a single page, with a Data Table, a couple of text fields
and an Add button. When you press Add, the data in the textfields is used to create a new
Person object, this person is put into the master list of people (maintained in the Session bean),
and the data table is updated to reflect the change.


  1. hi
    thanks tor now i'm successfull
    your guide was very useful for me.
    thanks again

  2. Hi Tor,
    Do you think you can publish the code for the
    remove button part of your AddDelete DataTable
    I would really like to see how an item in the
    datatable would be retrieved by the code for
    the removeButton_action.

  3. Hi Tor, can you publih the code in Studio Creator 2.0 Project.
    Thanks for your help

  4. Hi,
    In my JSF data-table, i have few alignment problems.
    For Example, I have 4 columns, Emp-Id, First-Name,Last-name and Age.
    What happens is, sometimes, the value in the First-Name cell moves into the Last-Name cell, leadiing to alignment problems. But this is not happening always. Occasionlly this happens.
    I tried with iFrames and also by having fixed width for each cell, then also this problem is persisting.
    Is it something to do with the datatable display in JSF?
    Any suggestions/ideas on how to resolve this problem would be of immense help.